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Welcome to the ‘Materially Social’ blog. I’ll be using this to share my academic work in progress – things like ideas under development, comments on papers I’ve read or presentations I’ve heard, thoughts prompted by my teaching and students, and responses to discussions in the literature and the blogosphere. I’ll also do some brief summaries of pieces I’m publishing more formally elsewhere.

That means I’ll be covering the same sorts of topics as I do in my more formal writing, for example

  • the digital economy
  • gifts
  • the diversity of the economy
  • alternative ways of thinking about the economy
  • social norms
  • social structure
  • social construction
  • critical realism
  • actor-network theory
  • and economic sociology, social ontology and social theory in general

Like most academic bloggers, I don’t expect to agonise over getting every sentence to a peer-reviewable standard. As a result I may write the odd thing I come to regret or just change my mind about. I expect I’ll miss out some important things too. On the plus side, though, I hope that will make it a bit more lively and accessible than the average journal article!

Why ‘Materially Social’? I hear you say. That’s the topic of the next post.

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