About ‘Materially Social’

Welcome to the ‘Materially Social’ blog, written by Dave Elder-Vass. I’m using the blog to share my academic work in progress, such as ideas under development, comments on papers or presentations and responses to discussions in the literature and the blogosphere. I also provide some brief summaries or extracts of pieces I’m publishing more formally elsewhere. Hence the blog covers the same sorts of topics as I do in my more formal writing, for example

  • the digital economy
  • gifts
  • the diversity of the economy
  • alternative ways of thinking about the economy
  • finance, value and profit
  • social norms
  • social structure
  • social construction
  • critical realism
  • actor-network theory
  • and economic sociology, social ontology and social theory in general

Like most academic bloggers, I don’t agonise over getting every sentence to a peer-reviewable standard. As a result I may write the odd thing I come to regret or just change my mind about. I expect I’ll miss out some important things too. On the plus side, that may make it a bit more lively and accessible than the average journal article!

For updates when I publish a new post, follow me on Twitter: @ElderVass